Damien Power

Damien PowerDamien Power is a maker, whether it is photography, websites, cornbread or ill-formed opinions, he likes to make things! The truth of the matter is that there’s nothing new under the sun, so to make new things he borrows from the old. That’s where his life long love affair with movies take root, what a great source of material to steal!

Whether watching tooth-shattering Chuck Norris movies with his grandmother, a worn out copy of Spaceballs on VHS, or sneaking into see movies at a young age thanks to his incredible height (6’6″!), movies wind their way through all of Damien’s history.

Up to the task of defending his ideas, thanks to an award winning stint on his high school and college Model UN teams, Damien is always in search of new perspectives and ideas, even if he has to verbally beat them out of his opponent.

Other interesting Damien facts include:

  • A lapsed trombone player whose performances include the Sydney Opera House and Disney World.
  • Specialized in architectural and landscape photography before an overwhelming desire to pay his bills led to stints with the Chattanooga Pulse and ESPN Radio (photography for the radio, what?)
  • Has lent his voice to multiple radio advertisements, typically in heroic ways advocating pest control, and had a short career On-Air at Pulse 95.3 as a movie reviwer before proudly proclaiming on air “Michael Bay likes to blow shit up.” That was the last time I was on radio.
  • Is a gamer who built his first rig at 13, way back in 1993. Yeah.
  • Once gave standup comedy a try by performing three times at an urban comedy open mic. Apparently he only thinks he’s funny.
  • At age 15, snuck his best friend into see “The Rock” after answering the following question in the negative while buying tickets, “Sir this is movie is rated R, your friend isn’t younger than 18 is he?”
  • Has been to the films sets of pretty much anything filmed in Wilmington, NC, because really you just have to walk around and you’ll stumble onto all of them (Matlock, Dawson’s Creek, Cat’s Eye, etc.)
  • Is addicted to cast iron skillets, and cooks a better steak than you do.
  • Spaceballs is still his favorite movie, because nothing funnier has ever been made by humans.
  • Married a massive Harry Potter fan and moved her from Nashville to Chattanooga, where we live in a house with our son Buttons Rowdy Power, an English Bulldog that looks like his father.