Ben Hunt

Ben HuntBen Hunt is film nut, plain and simple. Comedies, action, fantasy, documentary, mockumentary, etc. Basically anything but musicals (with very few exceptions) are of interest to him.

From his humble beginnings watching beat-up VHS copies of Star Wars in his home town of Sacramento, CA, to his film school and production days in Los Angeles, and even while on active duty in the U.S. Navy, Ben has carried with him his passion for filmmaking and good cinema. Always up for a good debate, he has often times annoyed friends and family in heated arguments as to whether or not his taste in film is better than theirs[1].

Other (could be) interesting facts about Ben. He….

  • Studied filmmaking and video editing in Los Angeles at a (never heard of) school called Biola University.
  • Enjoys making amateur music videos with friends – search “jumperman06” on YouTube for a taste.
  • Can sing “Yakko’s World” from the Animaniacs by heart, and once sang it as a duet in-person with Yakko himself “Rob Paulsen.”
  • Served onboard submarines in the U.S. Navy – and once drove one of them backwards off the coast of Okinawa (eat your heart out. Dos Equis dude).
  • Is a big Star Wars fanboy, and in an act of extreme love and devotion for the films and upcoming prequels, he slept on Hollywood Blvd. for two weeks straight to see the 12:01 am showing of Episode 1 at the Mann’s Chinese Theater. Ignorance was bliss.
  • Can be found on IMDB.
  • Thinks “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was the best book adaptation made into a film.
  • Used to sneak into Oscar parties in LA during his college years.
  • Is a movie location “treasure hunter” of sorts. Stay tuned for his video documentary chronicling his latest cross-country movie location scouting adventure.
  • Claims his favorite movie is (currently) a tie between The Empire Strikes Back and Raising Arizona.
  • Is married to a wonderful girl from Alabama who somehow finds the strength to up with all of his movie nerd-dom. They live happily in Chattanooga, TN.


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[1] It is.