Get to Know Ben, Vol. 1

Let me introduce you “Alan Smithee” fans to something I call “Top 4.” As in, Top 4 Movies!

Top 4 has been an ongoing discussion with my friends since 2013. It’s really fun…and spurs a lot of neat-o debates. I’m obviously a big movie fan, and I hope you are too (since you are visiting our site and listening to our podcast, right? Okay, good.).

What are you top 4 movies? You have to pick just FOUR! But wait…not just your top 4 overall favorite movies. I’m talking about your top 4 movies in a variety of categories. Comedies, Dramas, Action…and then weirder, more specific categories, like Top 4 best movie stunt scenes, Top 4 most annoying movie characters, and Top 4 best songs written specifically for films. The list goes on….

If you’re a fan of movies, chances are you like to discuss and debate your favorites with other fans. We all have varying opinions and reasoning for our choices- and let’s face it, debating about movies is generally a whole lot more fun than arguing politics, meatloaf recipes, etc.. Movies are meant to be fun…and so is TOP 4!!!

So let’s discuss – We want to hear your votes!

Basic rules for Top 4:
-List no more than 4 of your favorite movies for each category
-Describe a particular scene from your movie choice, for each category (helps give the audience a better visual understanding for your choice)
-NO Repeats – you can repeat movies for different categories, but NEVER specific scenes. It’s harder than you think!

What are your Top 4 Comedy Movies? Submit your list to the comments section here, and please feel free to elaborate on your reasoning.

(psssst….. more categories in weeks to come!)

So…in the words of Tom Hardy’s “Bane” in Christopher Nolan’s oft-maligned but still somewhat gratifying “The Dark Knight Rises” – let the games begin!

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